Saturday, January 8, 2011

Programmatically set Picklist Option value in CRM Entity Item

In my older post I have collect Picklist options in DropDownList.
So now I save this DropDown’s selected value in CRM’s Entity Item’s Attribute.
You can’t save option in Entity Item, without picklist’s Value & Text. Means you have to provide Option’s Value & Options Text.
Also you have to create a new instance of the picklist before setting the value.
See the below sample code snippet for set the picklist option value.

CrmSdk.new_customentity newcustomentity = new CrmSdk.new_customentity();//Custom Entity's obj

newcustomentity.new_entityattribute = new CrmSdk.Picklist();//Creating New Instance before assign Value & Text
newcustomentity.new_entityattribute.Value = Convert.ToInt32(objDropDownList.SelectedItem.Value); //Set DropDownList's Value = objDropDownList.SelectedItem.Text;//Set DropDownList's Text

Happy Coding!!!

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