Saturday, October 23, 2010

Create Site Template using Sandbox Solution in SharePoint 2010

There are many way to create Site Template in SharePoint.I used below ways in my development experience.
  1. Site Definition. - SharePoint 2010 (Site Definition project type in VS2010) - SharePoint 2007 (SharePoint Solution Generator create Site Definition & also WSPBuider, VSEWss1.3)
  2. Site Provisioning (Programmatically) - You can create easily Site Template using this way because all controls in your hand (in your code). Add SPList, Delete SPList, Provision Web Part etc.
  3. Site Template - For SharePoint 2010, Site Setting > Save as Site Template. Save as .WSP file in Solution Gallery. - For SharePoint 2007, Site Setting > Save as Site Template OR type /_layouts/Savetmpl.aspx in your web url. Save as .STP file in Solution Gallery.

Now I created Custom Site Template in SharePoint 2010 Sandbox.I refer this link.
You can create Web Template Feature in Sandbox Solution & give scope Site for this feature.
Given link will help for me so I hope it will help you.

Happy Coding!!!


  1. Realy help me.

  2. where is the link?

  3. just type /_layouts/Savetmpl.aspx
    Ex. http://localhost:8080/SubSite/_layouts/Savetmpl.aspx